$NEKO — First Meme Coin on NEAR Protocol

99% of meme coin projects fail, so why did the $NEKO founders decide to give it a shot?

The $NEKO Token

Fixed Supply: 10,000,000,000

NEKO is NEAR Protocol’s first meme coin. It features a deflationary design and intuitive tokenomics that reward holders by taxing sellers.

For meme coins, first mover advantage has been very important in the token’s success. $NEKO, being the first meme coin in the NEAR ecosystem sure is paving the way for the community to grow!

Why $NEKO?

It’s quite difficult to get the general public excited about cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The space can be intimidating for some newcomers, but meme coins have proven to be an effective onboarding strategy in the past.

$NEKO Smart Contract Features

  • Fortune Pool: Stake Good Fortune Feline NFTs to access 10% allocation of NEKO token supply.
  • Refractions: 5% tax on all NEKO sold. 2.5% is automatically burned, introducing a highly deflationary mechanic. The remaining 2.5% is deposited into the Fortune Cookie Vault.
  • Fortune Cookie Vault: For a small fee, users can bake their NEKO tokens into Fortune Cookies via the Fortune Factory. Fortune Cookies are deposited into the Fortune Cookie Vault to earn the NEKO fees generated by refractions and baking.

$NEKO Token Allocation

Good Fortune Felines

The Good Fortune Felines are a collection 3,333 unique NFTs on the NEAR Blockchain.

Holders can stake their Fortune Felines to cumulatively earn 10% of the total $NEKO token supply. This adds to the long-term value of the project for holders.

– Read more: Good Fortune Felines ($NEKO) NFT Collection | NEAR Protocol

ASAC Partnership

By collaborating with renowned NFT projects, the Good Fortune Felines strive to solidify $NEKO as the #1 meme coin on NEAR Protocol.

Their first partnership is with one of the most popular NFT projects on NEAR — ASAC: Antisocial Ape Club

  • ASAC Holders receive free $NEKO token airdrops
  • ASAC Holders get majority allocation on the Good Fortune Felines WL

Good Fortune Felines act as a seed investment into $NEKO token. 0.003% of NEKO’s total supply is locked into each Good Fortune Feline token.

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