ASAC — Anti Social Ape Club NFT Collection


NEAR Protocol is a dynamic and novel ecosystem, wherein the ASAC NFT Collection is uniquely positioned to fill the needs of the system. The opportunities offered are endless, as is their potential.

NEAR Foundation Grants

This was a step taken toward a bigger accomplishment, to endorse ASAC’s brand in being an ambassador for NEAR protocol.

Papu Superstars

NEAR Cross-chain Marketing campaign,

Starting with a total budget of $20k for the Marketing Campaign. Even gave away 40 wallets filled with $500 each hosted by the biggest DAOs, influencers from ETH.


This played an important role in helping ASAC’s roadmap skyrocket to version 2.0. Three unique rooms were designed for ASAC and the near ecosystem which included a Meditative rainforest with a calming experience open to all the NEAR. The second one being event centre with NEAR themed convention and event centre where people could interact and perform trades.



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